Starting this blog



What made me start a blog?

Starting a blog is something I thought would be a fun way to tell about these days. The days of craziness and fun all wrapped into the same, if you’re a mom you know what I am saying. My goal is to share with other wives and mothers out there to make them smile or encourage them.  As mothers we know there are hilarious things are little ones do everyday but in turn there are days we cant even see past the spilled cereal (luckily my kids don’t like milk in their bowls). To know there are “others” out there just like you some how makes it a little easier.

So let’s just see how this goes. I am not a “writer” or a “computer guru” but it’s not about those things. Just a way to express the daily or weekly things that happen in my house, hopefully you will find them making you laugh or just give you something to think about. So here it goes….